Get Started Guide

  1. Follow the onboarding  guide and do the recommended activities
    You can review the onboarding anytime by clicking the Re-watch onboarding button in the help menu.

      1. Identify your roles and add goals which you want to achieve in them
      2. Identify what actions you need to do repeatedly to keep your life in balance
  2. Create lists for your projects and set goals for them with a measurable target result and a deadline
  3. Add tasks to your project

    1. When adding a task, set a time estimate and impact factor to it and label it if relevant
      Doing so will help you in prioritization of tasks.Decide if a task means an enhancement in your life if it is a must-do or only optional, and move tasks to the appropriate columns by dragging and dropping and also prioritizing them from top to bottom.
    2. You can drag and drop tasks between lists by opening them side by side
      You can do this by clicking the list names in the left sidebar while holding down the CTRL button.
      You can also move tasks within lists by dragging them to the top or left drawer.
    3. You can quickly add a task to a specific date from the Calendar, which is accessible from the secondary menu
      You can also schedule tasks by hovering over them and clicking the calendar icon. Viewing your lists and the calendar side-by-side is also the recommended way to plan your day/week,  “throwing in the big rocks” first by time-boxing your most impactful activities.
  4. Track time for your tasks
  5. Track your progress and review your activity by clicking the Stats icon in the top right corner
  6. Useful commands
    1. Opening multiple lists side by side
      Hold down the CTRL key and click on the name of the lists
    2. Opening all lists within a category side by side
      Hold down the CTRL key and click on the category name
    3. Quick add task
      Press the ALT + “+” keys simultaneously
    4. Quick add task with a deadline
      Press the CTRL + e keys simultaneously
    5. Quick add a task and start time tracking
      Press the ALT + t keys simultaneously
    6. Toggle calendar
      Press the ALT + c keys simultaneously
    7. Toggle horizontal/vertical view for a single list
      Press the ALT + b keys simultaneously

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